Tp link router login

The sophistication and the convenience given by these devices to the users are relatively exceptional. From the utilization of setting up these devices in your home to utilize their features in a productive manner, these routers are applicable to every environment. These devices are prominent for their use in residential or office work. Depends upon what sort of work you perform on your device, these devices are applicable for wired as well as for the wireless connections.

Experts of Tp-link are evolving their technologies more and more. They are merging them down with enhanced features which are increasing the faith of customers in these technologies more and more. QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) embedded in these routers, ensure to get excellent bandwidths. The technology ensures to get the enough of the bandwidths that the router is capable of. The speed Test button on the device tests both upload as well as download speed of the device. Tp-link rotuer is also acquainted with the cloud feature which is known as the Tp-link cloud. The device is able to deliver both Local Area Networks, as well as of Wide Area Network depending on the type of server you have maintained. The router also allows you to adjust your Internet settings as well as the IP address of your device. With the help of the web interface, an individual has given the power to pick one of the IP address from Static and Dynamic.

Tp-link routers are highly acquainted with the extravagant features to allow the users to squeeze out the best possible utilization of these devices. The durability of these routers can only be ensured with one condition that they should highly be maintained with the optimal use. The user is also allowed to change the Network name and adjust the Channel width of the device according to the requirements.

Tp-link router setup (

Tp-link router setup

Tp-link router setup

All the functionality and features of the router are maintained through one key which directly takes you onboard to the web interface of these routers. The user is allowed to maintain its whole router from the network settings in the router. There, exists the web interface which gives the liberty to all the individuals to have their total control over their routers. One can’t reach the web interface without the help of

How to configure Tp-link router as an access point mode?

Here are the steps to successfully configure your Tp-link router from the access point mode on tp link routers

  • Turn on your router after successfully connecting it to your modem as well as to the system.
  • Launch your Internet browser with The user is also allowed to submit local IP address as the URL of the browser to get to the web interface of the browser.
  • Login window of Tp-link router is going to display
  • Fill up the credentials then move ahead to the basic Homepage of the router.
  • Go to the Network and under the Network choose LAN on the left side of the menu bar. Change the address as same as it has mentioned over the DHCP range outside the device.
  • Then, go to wireless and then choose Wireless settings and configure the Network name which can be the same or different from your main router. Select Save.
  • Go to System tools and reboot your device from the Reboot option.

Precious models of  Tp-link routers.

  • AC5400 MU-MIMO Tri-Band Gaming Router Archer C5400X
  • AC5400 Wireless Tri-Band MU-MIMO Gigabit Router Archer C5400
  • AC4000 MU-MIMO Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router Archer C4000
  • AC3200 Wireless Tri-Band Gigabit Router Archer C3200
  • AC3150 Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Router Archer C3150 V2
  • AC2300 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router Archer C2300

Tp-Link AC5400 MU-MIMO Tri-Band Gaming Router Archer C5400X features

  • First Gaming router with 1.8GHz of dual-core processor works along with three coprocessors.
  • Have 1GB of ram to control heavy traffic.
  • Tri-band router with one 2.4GHz frequency bands and two 5GHz of frequency bands to gives the resultant speed of 5334 Mbps in total.
  • VPN acceleration which gives 5 times better VPN connection.
  • Eight Gigabit Ethernet Ports to allow the connection with various gadgets within the home like TV, Tablets, Ipads, Game consoles, PlayStation which allows getting better performance in every connected device.
  • Prevents your system with Homecare and Trend Micro from malicious threats which usually sneaks around your system while downloading or file sharing. These both are the antivirus security and intrusion prevention which creates a powerful security around your device.
  • Expandable 16GB of internal storage, the data of which is stored behind a firewall which can only be accessed whenever are connected with the Internet.

Tp-Link AC5400 Wireless Tri-Band MU-MIMO Gigabit Router Archer C5400

  • Enhance your Wi-Fi speed easily up to 5334 Mbps speed with its NitroQam technology. Four streams work along with 1024QAM to boost up the speed up to 25% which results in free-lagging in games and also achieve uninterrupted in your heavy network.
  • Embedded with Smart Connect feature,  to assign an appropriate broadcasting channel to the device for the stability in the network.
  • Works with tri-bands, one of 2.4GHz and two 5GHz the consequence of which it catches far away signals in a snap.
  • Allows the device to maintain the reliable connection in the entire connected device with its Multi-User MIMO technology. Not only the main users enjoy the high Wi-fi signals but the connected user also maintains the extensive performance.
  • Beam forming technology in device ensures to deliver the well-focused radiation being transmitted into the router for its better performance.
  • The eminent 1.4GHz processor works along with three coprocessors to maintain all the task of the device in a prominent manner. It represents its elite performance by performing every task in a speedy manner.
  • Perform every action through Amazon Alexa and IFTTT as the device is compatible to work with both of them. Prioritize the device with their network by adding more and more device to them.

Tp-Link AC4000 MU-MIMO Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router Archer C4000

  • Uses three bands to combine three networking streams into one to trade off the better performance.
  • AC4000 is merged with the enhanced Smart Connect feature to provide them with the best available channel in order to gain the best performance of the gadget.
  • Gain up to 3200 Mbps of speed with the two frequency bands of 5GHz and one of 2.4 GHz to have the seamless streaming and high performance of speed.
  • Six external antennas work along with the Beam forming technology to capture the wide coverage with the stronger and reliable connections. It also is utilized for the better range and high signal stability.
  • Powerful 1GHz of dual-core processor operates with three co-processors to easily handle the router’s network. It also is utilized for handling the operation of multiple users like browsing, streaming, gaming at the same time.
  • Archer AC4000 is embedded with two USB ports of 3.0 and of 2.0 to easily share photos, music, and any media across your network.
  • Four Gigabit Ethernet Ports within the device to offer you with the data transfer in ten times better than the normal Ethernet to even send the data to other devices like smart Tv, Gaming consoles and other PlayStation devices.

Tp-Link AC3200 Wireless Tri-Band Gigabit Router Archer C3200

  • Provides enough bandwidth to deliver up to 1625Mbps of speed which is enough for avoiding any glitch in gaming and for a smooth surfing experience
  • Nitro QAM technology works with dual-band feature to give the enhanced speed for online movies and Ultra HD gaming experience.
  • Smart connect feature avoid the interference of other signals within your network to provide you the smoother performance.
  • Cover Ultra range with its high tech amplifiers, transmitters, and receivers to have the better coverage.
  • Allow your system to experience strong processing with its strengthening processors of 1.8GHz dual-core processor and co-processors.

Frequently asked questions

How to enable or disable Smart connect feature within the Tp-link routers?

As everyone is aware of the efficient functioning of the Smart connect feature within these routers. So here are the steps which directly lead you to enable or disable them in a prominent manner.

  • Open the browser and navigate on the URL of the browser.
  • The login screen will appear, fill up its credentials.
  • Enter router’s username and below it fill up the password,
  • Default Homepage will display.
  • Go for wireless.
  • You can clear or select Smart Connect from the checkbox.

How to configure the various addresses on Tp-link routers?

Here are the steps to configure addresses on Tp-link routers.

  • Type, on the address bar of the browser. You also can type on the URL of the browser.
  • Login window is going to appear.
  • Fill up the credentials with the default username and the password. In case if you are using it for the first time.
  • Click on DHCP and then Address Reservation on left, and then click on Add New Button.
  • Input MAC Address as well as IP address. Select Enable status.
  • Now click on Save button to apply and save the settings.

How to assign the IP address on my Tp-link routers?

Sometimes, the circumstances come in which the user also has to block the IP address of his device. Steps which act as essential guidelines to block the IP address on your TP-link routers.

First, confirm that your router is connected to the network properly or not. After checking it, just type  on the address bar to have control on the router gateway.

Sign in to Tp-link router page. Both default username and password is “admin”

Click, Advanced Tab located on the top right corner of the page.

Now go to Network followed by Advanced Routing

Under Static Routing Click Add +

Now you will get screened with a various status bar along with their filled blanks.

On default, Gateway fills up the IP address which you want to assign to your router.

Click Save to save your settings.

What is the MAC address used for?

It is MAC address due to which your Ethernet-based network works. All network cards have their own unique MAC address. Internet Packets are also sent from the MAC address and also received over these addresses. Whenever the internet packet is sent, MAC address has been compared from the packet’s destination to the MAC address of the adapter. The packets will be matched, if it’s successfully matched, then it will be processed otherwise it is going to get discarded.

There exist the MAC addresses also; one is the broadcast address which every network adapter uses in the network.

How does ARP in the network works?

ARP is itself a protocol over the Ethernet, like IP. When the device wants to acknowledge MAC address for the given IP address, it sends the packets to the broadcast MAC address asking about who is having the IP address. All devices will receive the packet, but only the IP address with the above will respond with the packet, “It’s me”. The asking device will receive the answer and will know that the source of MAC address is the correct MAC address to use.

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